Joseph Luckett is a Los Angeles native, and the Founder/CEO of Affluent Solution Group, a Digital Marketing Agency that provides SMBs with a all in one online marketing platform. Due to his notable effectiveness in the space of digital marketing, Joseph has had the opportunity to transition from working in-house for brands to taking them on as clients.  After several years of executing countless successful marketing campaigns for influencers, sports professionals & SMBs, Joseph decided to transition from the service side of the business to the software side and founded Affluent Solution.

He launched Affluent Solution, and immediately discovered a client base within his current network. Joseph began providing services to real estate agents, personal trainers, professional athletes, and some of the top restaurants around Los Angeles. His fortunate success throughout the first few years have afforded him the opportunity to expand his staff beyond the team of one that he began with, as well as expand his services to include more out-of-the-box gorilla marketing campaigns and strategies.  In addition to being a young CEO on the rise, Joseph Luckett loves to travel the would and share his story to deliver the right tools to businesses all over the world. His ultimate vision is to grow his company into a position where he can consistently conduct philanthropic activities to benefit underserved communities.